Does Your Audience Know What Are You Aiming For?

What Are You Aiming For?

“Uhh… Exactly what were you aiming for?”

So.. Today we are having a break in our regularly sponsored program to bring you this huge epiphany that I had last night. And I believe you can benefit from it, too.

Late last night I received this message on facebook.

“Help me to figure out what your aim is for Kay Fekete live. I’ve been watching it but am unsure about the goals so please fill me in:)”

Wow. I’m thinking –

“Where people are not clear on what they have to do, there is confusion.” Robert Hollis

What about you? Is your aim straight? Steady? Hitting the mark? When you talk to someone or do a FAcebook Live, does your audience know what your aim is?

I can’t help but picture cartoons where an arrow is shot and it goes over and under and around everything. I realized I have not been clear in my videos.

I remember when our daughter took our granddaughters to the archery range when they were young. And our oldest granddaughter was very good. But she’s kinda like that about life. When she’s focused on something, her aim is right on.

And I thought of my friend and how, even if I’m not sure if she realized it or not, there was iron sharpening iron. We need this with our friends and colleagues. We need people speaking truth into us.

I know in no way was she approaching me to upset me. She wanted clarity. And in the end she gave ME clarity on what I needed to be doing with each and every Facebook Live and each and every blog post.

I follow Mark Harbert, who is a video expert. And here is his outline for every good video:
~ Introduce yourself
~ Ask a question – to get your audience thinking.
~ Give content that answers that question.
~ And then give them a call to action.

As a matter of fact, if you are wanting to know more about how to do effective videos – Mark is your man.

But if my aim, purpose and passion aren’t clear, everyone is confused. I realized I was not always following Mark’s guidelines.

So, my aim in this Facebook live was to help you in sharing whatever you message is.

And if you are blogging or doing facebook lives or videos – have a sharp aim. Know the main point you wan to get across and shoot straight.

Have an aim that you want to make sure people “get” that helps them. And when you do, THE FOCUS IS OFF OF YOU!

So, it’s a lot easier to not be nervous about a Facebook live when you have something to say that you KNOW is going to help people. You WANT to do a facebook live and you don’t care if you mess up because there’s something people NEED to know!

I hope that was helpful and you received value from my notes. If so, please Comment and Share! I’d love to hear from you on what stuck out to you the most!

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