“What Is Money?” Find Out In My Notes From Ray Higdon’s Training At #prs2016


In this training session from Ray Higdon, he asked the question, “What is money?”

And then he answered his own question. “Money is a result of your habits. If you need more money – change your habits.”

Ray talked about thinking like a media company – put out content to your audience constantly so that they want to tune into you all the time. When your facebook live pops on, they know you’re not going to be giving them some mindless drivel, but helpful content.

Make sure in your DMO = Daily Mode of Operation, that you are increasing the time you are putting into profit producing activities.

These are timeless truths, and not just for network marketers. If you are the best employee and have a great attitude and habits at work and honor your boss and co-workers, chances are you will receive raises and promotions. Or you will have someone else want you to come work for them at more money.

Money is a result of your habits.

Loved the opportunity to meet Ray Higdon at his Prospecting and Recruiting summit! #prs2016

But Ray’s next point has more to do with the money mindset. How were you raised to think about money? Is money bad? Actually, money is a thing without life. The Bible tells us that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.

There are some who believe that just making a lot of money is bad. However, we need money in this world to survive. We are all raised to know that when we reach a certain age we will need to work to support ourselves. And if we excel at making money, we can have more of an impact on other people.

You will hear it said, “Health and family are more important than making money.” Why does there have to be a choice? Why can’t we have all 3? We actually need all 3, correct?

Does poverty make family harmony and health better?

When we need money, money is more at the forefront of our minds. We think about it constantly We can’t go to sleep at night thinking of the bills that need paying. In that case, is our love for having enough money to pay bills making it an idol?

We see someone in need and we long to be able to help them. Is that wrong to want to make enough money to not only not have to stay awake nights worrying about our own bills, but also being able to help others?

No. As a matter of fact, in the parable of the talents, the man was rewarded for investing the money and making more money rather than burying it.

But Ray’s point was if we have a subconscious moral line saying that there is something wrong with having money – we’ll never cross it. We have limited ourselves – and actually limited God.

WE are just as likely to be wealthy and happy as poor and unhappy. And I know wealthy people who are unhappy and poor people who are content.

So it’s not the money.

It is selfish to not tap into whatever our greatness is – whatever God has for us to do on this earth to impact more people. If I am sitting at home lamenting my circumstances and not doing what I have had set right in my lap – which can help others to maybe pay their bills and/or experience renewed health – because I have a money making hang-up, how many people am I missing out on helping in being so self-absorbed?

Money allows you to give more and impact more people, who in turn will impact more people.

How many people are you impacting? And is your concern about what someone thinks of you causing you to limit who you can impact.

We never think it’s bad if a doctor works for years getting their PHD and then helps people and makes a lot of money. We’re happy for them. They deserve it. And I don’t think most doctors have guilt about that. They’ve worked hard and deserve to be compensated.

But we look at Network Marketing or MLM as a bad way to earn money when the only way we can earn money is by helping other people.

Would you like to make more money in order to impact more people? Do you have a favorite charity that you wish you could support more? You may want to consider if you are holding yourself back with your money mindset…

I hope that was helpful and you received value from my notes. If so, please Comment and Share! I’d love to hear from you on what stuck out to you the most!

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P.S.S. Ray Higdon has some excellent trainings for marketers. One of the best ways to brand yourself, regardless of your business, is setting up a money making blog. I recommend you check out Ray’s 3 Minute Expert Course! It walks you step by step through the entire process with short videos. This course is what I used to set up my own blog website – kayfekete.com.

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