Sharing From My Heart – Why I Believe In The Network Marketing Profession

Sharing My Heart

Hey there!

So, I’m not going to type much in today’s blog post because what I needed to say is all in the video. I have simply shared my heart as to why I believe in the Network Marketing Profession, and a little bit of that process.

I appreciate those who have hang-ups about Network Marketing and MLM because I have had my own – one of which I discuss in the video.

But there are so many amazing people that I have had the pleasure of being involved with and who have brought me to this place of sheer joy to be doing what I’m doing.

I need to thank them! Scott Ohlgren – You are my upline and my trainer and have spurred me on to stick this out and succeed.

Ray Higdon – While I have followed you for a long time, and own several of your products (this blog is a result of one of those products), it was yours and Jessica’s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit that really helped me towards this break through!

Robert Hollis – you truly are a Life Mechanic, and I continue to be encouraged and grown from your sharing. And as I think about it, your book is what really started this break through about 6 weeks ago! How Is That Working?

Nadya Melton, you were one of the straws that broke the mental block! I’ve got my crown on and it’s staying there!!

Simon Chan – I just learned about you and your wisdom. You also were one of those block-breaking straws.

Dan Fekete – thank you for your support and help throughout this. I am blessed to call you husband, partner and friend. And I can’t wait to see all the places we are going to go through this work as we help others!

So, here’s the video with the ugly cry. I hope you are encouraged by it.

Hey y’all, REMEMBER! If I can do it – YOU can do it!

WARNING! The sound Sync got off towards the end of the video because the Facebook Live had a slight pause. It’s not your computer. It’s me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great day! And please Comment and Share! I’d love to hear what your dreams are for your retirement!

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