How to Have Social Media Charisma! Notes from Amani Zein’s Training at #PRS2016

How To Have Social Media Charisma from Amani Zein

How to Have Social Media Charisma – Highlights from my notes Amani Zein’s training at Ray Higdon‘s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016.

The goal is to get 5-10 people reaching out to you each day.

Zig Ziglar – “If people like you, they’ll listen to you. If they TRUST you, they’ll do business with you.”

The network and online marketing community is all about getting people to know, like and trust you.

Here is the myth’s Amani gave about marketing on Social media:
WE think we need to already be successful or famous. We don’t!

We can start where we are and take people on our journey. MOVE people by where we are going. I don’t know about y’all, but this is an amazing adventure. I know people who feel they have no hope or future. I haven’t reached my long term vision as of yet, but I know I will. I know where I’m going And I want to take as many people with me as want to take this journey themselves!

And what better place to share about your journey than social media.

And then Amani gave some practical tips to achieve social media charisma:

~ Your profile picture – is it a clear picture of you? Just you? If you are looking to build your business on social media, you need to have a good picture of you SMILING! Social media is a form of attraction marketing and if you want get people to know, like and trust YOU – they need to see YOU. Not some saying. Not some group shot in the profile that folks have no idea which one is you. Not animals.

You. Clear. Smiling. Doesn’t have to be professional, but with today’s phones – go outside and get a friend to take a head shot with a pretty background.

The cover photo – beautiful place you’re going to visit. Group photo having fun. Something that shows people you are someone they want to get to know.

Get rid of the business card and keep connected on Facebook. Be friendly.

Know that folks are watching, so keep posting. But on your profile, post mainly fun stuff, interesting stuff. Share your life with them. And sometimes post helpful content.

If someone goes to your page and sees your product constantly posted, they are going to run the other direction.

Amani said that Charisma is the transfer of enthusiasm. It’s how others feel about you. When they visit your page, how do they leave feeling?

Remember how we talked about Brian Carruther’s phrase, “WIIFM”? What’s In it for me? People want to leave your page feeling BETTER.

If they go on your page and all they see is complaining about your job. or you are overwhelmed or or you hate this or that political candidate? They won’t be back.

I am very politically minded, but I have worked on stopping all political posts. I sometimes may post an edgy news post. It’s ok to be edgy. You’ll attract like minded people if you do that every once a while. But not daily and hourly.

So, what should you post? Educational posts according to your profession and entertainment.

Now, if you have a business page – you can post more business stuff. But even then, if you want to attract folks to that – post fun stuff!

If you go to a great restaurant – post it. Travel. Entertaining. Family shots. Just normal things you would talk about with your friends.

Last week I posted about the raisin in my tooth. ..

Be real. Don’t be gross. Don’t be crude. But be real. We all like REAL. We bring people to relate to us.

And Amani says, “Being on Social media is a lifestyle. Let them see your journey.”

Greet your friends on social media as if they were there in person.

AND every post matters – so choose to make each and every post a good one.

Watch my video to get more highlights from Amani Zein on Social Medial Charisma…

I hope that was helpful and you received value from my notes. If so, please Comment and Share! I’d love to hear from you on what stuck out to you the most!

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