How Getting Coaching Gave Me Boldness In My Business!


Wow, When they say that getting into network marketing is a life long self-development course – they aren’t kidding.

The things I have learned about myself, the mindset changes I have had, the break-throughs that are making me a better person continue to happen at least weekly.

As I see my calling of serving people through my business grow deeper and deeper to my core, slowly God is refining me and burning off all that dross. What is dross? In refining minerals, like silver, it’s the process of getting rid of the worthless rubbish, so the silver or the gold is pure.

And I’ve been going through a lot of refining lately. And a lot of it is thanks to my coach and mentor, Robert Hollis.

Yesterday I took the plunge and hired Robert for a few minutes of his time.

As a member of his Life Mechanic University, you have access to his Saturday Master Classes where you can be personally coached in a small group setting of other members.

I did that on Saturday and realized I needed to delve deeper. First of all, I was cut off from lack of power with Hurricane Matthew blowing through! But even in that forum, I knew that Robert was getting to some core issues that I needed to break through in my business.

One of them was feeling I needed to separate my faith from my business.

But while it felt like I needed to be doing that, it also felt like I was dividing me. And that wasn’t right. My faith is the core of who I am. Without God I am nothing. My Lord is my reason for life.

So I am thankful to Robert for helping me see that it’s ok allow my faith to permeate my marketing business.

He also helped me see that if I believe from the core of my being that I represent a company that has a product that can positively affect the health of every man, woman, child and animal on this planet – then from the core of my desire to serve you and help you – I must share.

And if I believe from the core of my desire to serve people that I am involved in a profession that can provide an avenue for anyone to make extra money and help them with bills. Help them to be able to give more, while also helping other people – is it not selfishness that would hold me back from sharing that?

So just as I feel called to serve people by sharing how God loves them, I feel called to share about my natural super food that God created to help towards health should they choose.

Now no one, obviously, has to try the products or the business or believe God created these mushrooms and loves them, but that doesn’t change my beliefs or the fact that I’m called to share about all of the above.

Robert also challenged me to come up with 3 words that really describe me. And take those words to help me hone in on my calling, my vision and my passion.

So a few things to leave you with.

1. I recommend you read Robert’s best-selling book, “How Is That Working?”. It’s a free gift for you if you click on the link. He is not only someone who has led a very successful life financially, but he has helped 47 other people make over a million $ a year – many of whom make a lot more money than he does and credit him with helping them in their success.

2. I recommend you check out his trainings at Life Mechanic University. He truly does coach on doing life – not just marketing.

3. Think about your own core values and whether everything is congruent in your life.

4. Think about 3 words that describe you, maybe get a loved one to help, that you can take to help make your own unique brand.

Please email me and connect. I really would love to connect and hear from you! I’d like to know what 3 words you think best describe you! Or if you have any questions or concerns that maybe I could help you with.

Feel free to reach out to me:
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