How 44 Years of Marriage Helped Prepare Me for Network Marketing

My husband and I celebrated 44 years of marriage this last week.

Part of the fun each year is asking each other if we remember what we were doing at certain times leading up to the wedding and afterwards. And even though we had very little money, we both remember our wedding and our honeymoon with such fondness.

But we all know that accomplishing 44 years of marriage is not without struggles and hardships.

However, it’s what we do with those struggles… what we learn from them that counts.

And I was thinking this week of how God has used the sandpaper of marriage to smooth so many of my rough spots. They may not be perfectly smooth yet, but He’s working on me…

And then I thought of how those rough spots also have prepared me for the tough times of running my own business and persevering…

So I talked about it the other day in this video.

Here’s the list of 10 things that I thought of right away… I know there are more!

I hope these help you – either in your marriage or in your business.

Forgiveness – learn from mistakes
Good habits
Positive attitude
Servant’s heart
Willingness to learn and grow
Don’t nag but encourage (getting over my control tendencies)
Look for and expect the best in your spouse
Determine to have faith. Determine to stick it out. Determine to do the hard work to make it work, make it last.

And one of the main reasons – for others. There are those in your life that are watching you and looking to see how you are going to respond in any given situation. I want to encourage them and give them hope through my own success – both in relationships and in business.


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