Highlights from Ray Higdon’s 1st Session at the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016

PRS2016 Session 1 Ray

I had the immense pleasure and blessing to attend Ray and Jessica Higdon‘s “Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016” just this past weekend.

I promised many I would share the highlights from the Summit and I will be doing so in a series which gives my notes on each of the speakers. It’s a privilege for me to be able to share these with you.

So starting out – here are the highlights from Ray’s first session. You will hear more details in the video, but know that the entire weekend was incredible and full of great wisdom to apply to whatever business you are involved in, but especially network marketing or mlm.

Ray told us to:

1. Make your vision bigger than your distractions or obstacles.
2. If you don’t know what to do, you won’t do anything
3. Don’t focus on what you think you know, focus on your results.
4. It’s all about building relationships and helping folks solve their needs. Lots of time, people go to internet to build their business out of weakness.

Again, here the details in my video….

I hope that was helpful and you received value from my notes. If so, please Comment and Share! I’d love to hear from you on what stuck out to you the most!

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P.S.S. Ray Higdon has some excellent trainings for Network Marketers. And if you are at all interested in learning how to set up a money making blog, I recommend you check out his 3 Minute Expert Course! It walks you step by step through the entire process with short videos. That is what I used to set up my own website.

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