I Do Not Have the TIME for This!

Read the post at the bottom of this email today and it hit home. Can’t tell you how many times in my business I have heard this. But also, how many times I have used this same excuse! However, we all have the same amount of time in the day. But our priorities determine how…

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How Getting Coaching Gave Me Boldness In My Business!


Wow, When they say that getting into network marketing is a life long self-development course – they aren’t kidding. The things I have learned about myself, the mindset changes I have had, the break-throughs that are making me a better person continue to happen at least weekly. As I see my calling of serving people…

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“What Is Money?” Find Out In My Notes From Ray Higdon’s Training At #prs2016


In this training session from Ray Higdon, he asked the question, “What is money?” And then he answered his own question. “Money is a result of your habits. If you need more money – change your habits.” Ray talked about thinking like a media company – put out content to your audience constantly so that…

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