“I Am” Statements ~ Who God Says You Are

Wanted to do a quick post today to share a Facebook Live video I did yesterday on “I Am” Statements. You can grab your free download with the “I Am…” Statements Here Just fill in your email address so I know where to send the download. I needed these statements for myself so I did…

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I Do Not Have the TIME for This!

Read the post at the bottom of this email today and it hit home. Can’t tell you how many times in my business I have heard this. But also, how many times I have used this same excuse! However, we all have the same amount of time in the day. But our priorities determine how…

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How Getting Coaching Gave Me Boldness In My Business!


Wow, When they say that getting into network marketing is a life long self-development course – they aren’t kidding. The things I have learned about myself, the mindset changes I have had, the break-throughs that are making me a better person continue to happen at least weekly. As I see my calling of serving people…

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“What Is Money?” Find Out In My Notes From Ray Higdon’s Training At #prs2016


In this training session from Ray Higdon, he asked the question, “What is money?” And then he answered his own question. “Money is a result of your habits. If you need more money – change your habits.” Ray talked about thinking like a media company – put out content to your audience constantly so that…

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Brian Caruthers ~ Why He Left a Lucrative Real Estate Position for Network Marketing!

Brian Caruthers R.E. to MLM

Wow! One of my favorite speakers at Ray and Jessica Higdon’s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit was Brian Carruthers! His small powerful book, “Making My First 10 Million – The Story of Money and Leveraged Income”, is a wonderful tool for sharing with people who don’t understand leveraged and residual income. I loved his story of…

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Highlights from Jessica Higdon’s Training on Social Media Marketing from #PRS2016

Jessica Higdon #prs2016

As promised I’m sharing the highlights from the Summit and today’s blog feature’s Jessica Higdon’s Training on Social Media Marketing. Remember – this is true on or off line! “Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Jay Danzie…

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Highlights from Ray Higdon’s 1st Session at the Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016

PRS2016 Session 1 Ray

Share Pin Email http://kayfekete.com/highlights-from-ray-higdons-1st-session-at-the-prospecting-and-recruiting-summit-2016/#MS0yLTMwMHgxNTA I had the immense pleasure and blessing to attend Ray and Jessica Higdon‘s “Prospecting and Recruiting Summit 2016” just this past weekend. I promised many I would share the highlights from the Summit and I will be doing so in a series which gives my notes on each of the speakers.…

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Sharing From My Heart – Why I Believe In The Network Marketing Profession

Sharing My Heart

Hey there! So, I’m not going to type much in today’s blog post because what I needed to say is all in the video. I have simply shared my heart as to why I believe in the Network Marketing Profession, and a little bit of that process. I appreciate those who have hang-ups about Network…

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Forbes Magazine, Baby Boomers and Network Marketing Part 4 – Oh, The Things You Will Learn!

In this 4th of 4 parts discussing a Forbes Magazine article on the fact that Network Marketing is the wave of the future with Baby Boomers, I talk about keeping your mind sharp! Being in business stretches you and teaches you. Many have said marketing is a continuous "Self Improvement Course". I AGREE! And I believe challenging your mind helps stave off dementia and Alzheimers. Please comment and share! And I'd love to connect at http://kayfekete.com

In “Forbes Magazine, Baby Boomers and Network Marketing Part 4”, we are talking about – Oh, the Things You Will Learn! By the way, this is the 4th of 4 parts on my blog discussing a Forbes Magazine article by Robert Laura titled, “Would you join a Multi-level Marketing Company For Retirement Income?” Here are…

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Are You Happy With Your Financial Candy Bar?

Are you happy with the candy bar that represents your finances?

Are You Happy With Your Financial Candy Bar? I know that sounds like a weird question, but stick with me here… This past weekend, our church began a series on Dave Ramsey’s course on having Financial Peace. 88% of American do not have financial peace and live worrying about how they are going to pay…

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