Brian Caruthers ~ Why He Left a Lucrative Real Estate Position for Network Marketing!

Brian Caruthers R.E. to MLM

Wow! One of my favorite speakers at Ray and Jessica Higdon’s Prospecting and Recruiting Summit was Brian Carruthers! His small powerful book, “Making My First 10 Million – The Story of Money and Leveraged Income”, is a wonderful tool for sharing with people who don’t understand leveraged and residual income.

I loved his story of how he was raised with in a wealthy home. Good schools. Great vacations. Nice houses. His father owned a real estate franchise. But when Brian went to work in Real Estate himself, he chose the non-leveraged part of the profession in sales.

Then he had an incident where the “light went on”. And he’s never looked back. No more 60-80 hour weeks selling real estate!

You can get the rest of Brian Carruther’s story in my video. And you may want to pick up a copy of “Making My First Ten Million” to share with prospects!

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P.S.S. You also might want to pick up a copy of Brian Carruther’s “Building An Empire”

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